Sustainable Energy Services

Sustainable Energy Services (UK) Ltd LogoSustainable Energy Services (UK) Ltd is a firm advocate of the ‘fabric first’ approach to energy efficiency in buildings. Modern microgeneration systems can make an important contribution to reducing energy bills and carbon footprints but without proper insulation and other measures in place to prevent energy from being lost, such investments can often mean little more than a gesture.

Sustainable Energy Services focuses on delivering real, practical and cost effective energy efficiency solutions, so it will always take the time to work with clients to develop a clear sense of priority and how to maximise returns on investment.

As a highly experienced specialist in the insulation industry, Sustainable Energy Services operates not simply as an insulation contractor but a facilitator and consultant whose clients extend throughout the sector. In effect, it plays a pivotal role in making projects happen by bringing together different parties with compatible aspirations and objectives.

For example, it helps property owners to take advantage of wall insulation grants and other sources of funding (such as Green Deal), whilst simultaneously helping utility companies to discharge their responsibilities under ECO (Energy Company Obligation) policies. Moreover, when works are required, it can assume responsibility for all site operations and programme delivery – a field in which it has already earned an impressive reputation.

External Solid Wall Insulation

Although Sustainable Energy Services manages and delivers all kinds of insulation contracts, its experience in the field of external solid wall insulation is quite simply unsurpassed. The Group’s senior management team includes staff with decades of personal involvement in solid wall insulation companies, and their knowledge of the industry, key organisations and funding is second to none.

Using this experience, the company is able to operate as a main contractor and to handle anything from small, private installations to multi-million pound solid wall insulation contracts of even the most demanding technical specification.

Sustainable Communicates With ResidentsOther Sustainable Energy Services

• Boiler replacement and installation
• Cavity wall and loft insulation
• Draft proofing
• Identifying Green Deal / wall insulation grants
• Internal solid wall insulation
• Microgeneration systems – solar, wind and heat pumps
• Window installation and repairs